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Projects development - Cultural management - art video recordings - Strategic plan building - Curating - Event promotion - Communication tool builder - Partnership and fundraising development
Field : Art, Education, Social

In progress : "WE ARE. AND YOU?", interactive social and art experience.
The first one of this programm took place at Z Space's Theatre, San Francisco in jully 2014 (Title : I am. And you?").
More to come..

Want to be aware of the next steps of "We are. And you?" :
Send an empty email titled weareandyou to contact / dbbf.fr

DBBF references :

In addition to DBBF activities - Marketing, Fundraising and development trainee at Z Space, San Francisco in 2013 - 2014. Main personnal projects developped for Z Space's Hub-Theatre-Gallery:
- Hundred Days Art Contest - Details
- and Jury constitution - Details
- Hundred Days Art Exhibition - Details
- Guilio Peronne exhibition co-curation - Details
- "I am. And you?" project - Details - Video Teaser by dbbf
- "San Francisco by San Franciscans", Interviews and Art installation Details
The full video is only available on site during the event.
A compiling publication will be set up after several new edition of the event "We are. And you?".
Please contact us if you are interested in helping us developping new destination for the interactiv social and art event.

Since 2010

- Personnal project : Video - docu about "SOMA" by The Flaming Lotus Girls Video link

Freelance, Art counselor, Artist Coaching and Project development, Communication and Press Relations

(Siren : 528 005 853 00023)

- Mètis, Public Benefit Foundation Partnerships Administrator, in charge of Public Relations and Partnerships Strategies. Deliberation of financial strategies relating to Comparethic and targets, communication with existing social economics and solidarity structures, management of partnerships (financial distribution)

- Comparethic, Healthcare Provider, Press Agent. Diagnostics, PR, media moderation/ choice of partnership strategies, administrative management, and public relations (recently created entrepreneurial structure; I am the director’s main partner in this, we split tasks in the development of the firm), overseeing of the community manager.

- Pascale Fournier, French Artist : Artistic Agent, PR & Sales Strategy Planner. Commercial and press advising and support, artistic event organization, client management, logistics assistance, public reception, creation of management software, and direction of a promotional video.
Exemple de projet - non réalisé en taille réelle : Pascale Fournier, 2011 - Ministère, Opérations Extérieures.pdf

- Tristan Gallery, Gallery specialized in the Early 20th Century’s art. Art Fairs Assistant (Art Elysée, Art Paris) Public reception, sales of works commissioned during prestigious art fairs.

Nathalie Fiks Gallery, Contemporary Art, Sales Assistant, in charge of Fundraiser and Sponsorship, Customer Relationship Management and PR. Partnership research for the exhibition “Figure Libre,” team recruitment and management of nine interns for the exhibition, exhibition installation, artists relations, seller.

ArtSponsor, Non-profit organization. Fundraiser, Sponsorship and Partnership Manager (+ content manager) and light artist promoter for the exhibition at the EDF Foundation, Paris (past). Research strategy and financial research, donor management.

“Donne-moi de l’Art!”, Philanthropic Organization for Culture, Co-founder and Vice-President Staff Manager, PR, Sponsorship, Art Strategic Planner, Content & Community Manager. Entrepreneurship, structural building, conceptual deliberation, general management: partnerships, administrative and judicial responsibilities, facebook, financial research, teams, work plans etc.

Main Event by Donne Moi de l'art ! for Cultural Beheavior.

In association with Gabrielle Lesdesma - Domitille Bertrand organized, in between other events and projects in and out "Donne moi de l'art!", a street art video contest for the "Street Art Creative Experience" event. Contest partnerships : Dailymotion - Fubiz - Mattrunks - La Bellevilloise

FULL Contest Deatils : HERE

Contest Teaser by Vahe :

Contest Winner :

The art of games by Vqk1

Qualicontact, Fundraising Agency for Non Profit Organizations, Prospections Agent (phone calls). Contacting individuals for financing of non-profit, presentation of nonprofits, negotiation guidance.

Art en Direct, Contemporary Art Agency ( Curating, Fundraising, PR, Artistic Marketing ) Trainee, Assistant to the CEO, In charge of Fundraising and partnership for nationals and well-established institutions (Pdt mr etc.), Manager of a two persons team. Financial strategy research ( recherché de financements (strategy, director od operations) for four big French cultural institutions (Palais de Tokyo, Maison Rouge, Aspece 2030, Printemps de Septembre)

Hi Art, Art Workshops Organization, Training Animator and Teacher during a seminary intended to children Drawing teacher, school –break art workshops educational guide and entertainer for children in museums volunteer.

Others :
Personally engaged at the Philanthropic Organization of the Triathletes Against Cancer Counselor for Art Investments, Help for the African Cultural Center Dynamique Africaine

BEFORE 2010 and the Freelance activities

Between 2008 and 2010 (jobs and internships):

2009 Sotheby's, one of the oldest fine art auctioneers in the world www.sothebys.com / work experience-3 months
Coordination between the departements – Administration of fine art - Packing

2008 Galerie HORIZON Nathalie-Fiks www.gallerie-horizons.com Deputy to the gallerist-5 months paid work
Press relations and communication - Event organization - Scenography

2008 Show Off Modern art fair (espace Pierre Cardin) www.showoffparis.fr / Logistics' work experience-1 week
Install the stands - Reception of artists, galerists and clients

2008 Terre- Neuve chateau, renaissance castle in Western France - Tourist Guide- 1 month paid work www.chateau-terreneuve.com
Tour guide for groups of 35 people - Created the content of the tours, which I adapted to the audiences

2008 Classical Music festival, Saint-Denis Festival www.festival-saint-denis.com / One of Europe's most prestigious festival of classical music
1 month work experience -Reception of artists – Redaction press

2008 Antiquité Duprez Specialised in ancient furniture www.drouot.com - 1 month work experience
Buying at l’Hôtel Drouot (famous auction in Paris)

2007 Altia Animatrice group of 6 to 8 years old www.altia.fr
(3 week summer camp)Created the content of the children activities-group leader

2007 Freelance Art and Music teacher in Burkina Faso (1 month)


Currently : Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship, Maryland University
Project development, Professionnal cursus, Agissens
Managment, Professionnal cursus, Agissens
Graduate, European Bachelor in Art Business and Cultural Mediation,
ICART, Artistic Careers Higher Education Institution
1 year at la Sorbone in Law - Bafa (Group Leader degree - children) - Driving licence – AFPS (urgency healthcare certificate)
Languages : French (fluent), English (good), German (notion) / Proficiency in Adobe (In design - acrobat), MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel - Base in Adobe (Premiere pro and Photoshop) and Html.


FULL Contest Deatils : HERE

Domitille Bertrand - DBBF - Contact / dbbf.fr